steven lazarus
helping create families
personal attention
Steven's practice is limited solely to that which he cherishes -
helping form families.

Steven provides knowledgeable and compassionate services in both assisted reproduction law and adoption law, with extensive experience handling all types of assisted reproduction and adoption matters.

Steven's clients consist of intended parents, surrogates, egg donors, embryo donors, sperm donors, adoptive parents, and birth parents. He handles hundreds of family formation matters per year.

Steven takes great pride in his work, makes himself readily accessible, and performs all services with great attention to detail and the highest degree of ethics.

Please contact Steven to find out how he can help you at:
(800) 233-1195

The Marina Towers
4640 Admiralty Way, Suite #500
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
tel: 310-496-5758
fax: 310-496-5759

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